Animal Welfare League NSW – Shop it Forwards Australian Charity of the Month

Australian Charity of the Month – Animal Welfare League NSW

~ April 2018

Animal Welfare League NSW Australian Charity of the Month

Animal Welfare League NSW is a registered Australian charity that has been caring for surrendered, neglected and abandoned animals for 60 years. There are 15 Animal Welfare League branches located across NSW, all managed and operated by dedicated volunteers.

In Australia, it is estimated that the number of healthy and treatable cats and dogs being abandoned and killed in pounds, shelters and vet clinics each year in Australia is in the hundreds of thousands. Of those entering some shelters, euthanasia rates often range between 20 – 30% of dogs and 30 – 60% of cats.

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) is committed to achieving zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dogs within the community. In August 2011, AWL committed to the Getting 2 Zero (G2Z) model. Sponsored by AWL Queensland, the Getting to Zero Model details the principles, structures and strategies for achieving zero killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs (greater than 90% of all incoming stray and surrendered cats and dogs) in whole communities. In committing to this model, AWL has made significant gains in increased adoption rates and decreased euthanasia rates. As of 2015, statistics indicate that euthanasia rates have dropped from 30% in 2011 to just 5%. To learn more about how you and your community can participate in this initiative, please visit the G2Z website for further details.

AWL provides a range of services in addition to providing care and shelter for animals. Other operations include responding to reports of animal cruelty or neglect, a full service veterinary hospital, a discounted desexing program, foster care, community education, pet boarding and bequest program.

AWL is a well respected organisation, supported by high profile ambassadors such as Dr. Lisa Chimes of TENs Bondi Vet and resident veterinarian on the Today Show Dr. Katrina Warren to name just two.

There are many ways in which you too can help AWL in their ongoing efforts to continue to provide the care and shelter needed. Firstly, if you’re considering a family pet, please adopt and don’t shop. There are so many shelter animals waiting for their forever home, you’d be sure to find the right companion for you and your family. On the AWL website you’ll also find information on volunteer opportunities, fundraising suggestions and how to make a direct donation. If you can’t afford to donate or would like to make additional ongoing contributions, then sign up with Shop it Forward and nominate AWL or any of our other charities. By signing up, you’ll be able to fundraise even more at no extra cost to you or the charity.

We are very proud to be able to provide an alternative fundraising source to assist AWL in reaching their funding goals and we look forward to promoting the great work that they do throughout the month of April. We hope you’ll join us, sign up and start supporting AWL every time you shop online. It’s free to give back.

Throughout the month of April we’ll be sharing the cute and cuddlies and discussing the importance of the Adopt, Don’t Shop movement. We encourage you to follow along on fb and Instagram & share your own personal tips & stories so that we might all learn from each other how we can do better for our animal companions.

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Easter Gift Ideas Giving Back to Australian Charities

Australians across the country will be celebrating Easter and enjoying the holiday weekend with family & friends.

If you’re looking for Easter gift ideas, hosting dinner, or planning a last minute getaway, your purchases of gifts, food, wine, chocolate and even accommodation could be giving back to Australian Charities.

Plan your Easter menu and have your food delivered right to your door by Woolworths or Harris Farm and you could be raising $12.50 for a cause. Order your beer and wine with Dan Murphy’s or BWS and you could be contributing up to 5% of your purchase to charity. Order a chocolate bouquet from Edible Blooms or browse for gifts at the Body Shop or Smiggle and raise up to 6.5%. Book your weekend accommodation with or Expedia and your travel plans could be raising up to 12.5%!

If you’re all in for an ethical Easter, you can shop for palm oil free products at Biome, toxin free gifts at Nourished Life or take advantage of the 20% off everything sale at Oxfam (today only!) and raise up to 5% for charity.

Shop it Forward makes it easy to be charitable and to give back to others. It is an opportunity this Easter for you to raise much needed funds for Australian charitable organisations for free. When you shop online, browse our 500+ retail partners and choose to shop through our website. You can shop with you favourite retailers and they’ll contribute a portion of what you spend. It’s that simple.

Give thanks by giving back to others this Easter! Take a few moments out of your day and check out how your online shopping at Shop it Forward can really start making an impact for Australian Charities this Easter.

Palm Oil in Chocolate

If you would like to take this opportunity to learn more about palm oil in chocolate and other products, and how you can make environmentally friendly choices this Easter please read on.

Palm oil production is the number one cause of deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, destroying animal and human habitats and contributing to global warming. According to Rainforest Rescue, Indonesia’s oil palm plantations alone already cover nine million hectares.

This Easter is the perfect opportunity to exercise our consumer choice not only around chocolate but other foods and products ranging from frozen pizza to margarine, laundry detergents, cleaning agents and cosmetics. Palm oil is a hidden ingredient in almost every way it is used, and it is listed under 100’s of different names. It’s important to note that not all palm oil is bad palm oil. If you’re interested in learning more, head over to Palm Oil Investigations. They have an excellent guide for palm oil free certified shops like Biome and everyday products you’ll find at Woolworths. They also offer a free barcode scanner app for ios and Android.

If you’re planning on purchasing Easter chocolate and prefer to choose palm oil free, you can make a quick check of the labels for these ingredients:

Vegetable oils or fats (not always but often is if the oil is not specified)
Emulsifier (E471 is palm unless stated it is soy)
Humectant / Glycerol (mainly 422 is more often than not palm)

Happy Easter to ALL!

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